A bag of cocoa shell mulch was spread on a garden, the type that is used as a mulch or weed inhibitor and is freely available from garden centres. This product has an odour, which is irresistible to some dogs, as it is basically chocolate.


 A three-year-old Weimaraner bitch ate some and two hours later she was dead! The post mortem revealed the cause of death was the theobromine  found in the cocoa shell in her stomach.


 The packaging bears a small disclaimer, which says, “may be harmful to animals”, which hardly emphasises the seriousness of the risk.


 Most people are now aware that human chocolate is a poison for dogs, the dark bitter kind being the worst, but who would think of cocoa mulch being so deadly.




 Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine , which is toxic to dogs. All chocolate and chocolate powders contain this substance, although some types of chocolate contain more than others - for instance, dark chocolate contains more than milk or white chocolate.


 Even relatively small quantities of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate or cocoa powder, can have serious effects, so it best to avoid giving chocolate to dogs altogether. (Doggy choc drops are of course entirely different and absolutely safe for your dogs.)


 If your dog does manage to eat a quantity of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate or cocoa powder, you should seek advice from your vet.




 It has also been reported that Raisins and Grapes are toxic to dogs! In America, it was discovered that a healthy, young 70-lb male Irish Setter died of complete kidney failure within 24 hours of eating raisins after devouring a 14 oz box, taken from his owner’s grocery bag.


 Many of us may have used grapes and raisins, as treats for our dogs in the past, but please DON’T, it is now known to be dangerous and can kill!



By law all dogs must wear an ID Tag.